Monday, 5 July 2010

Il Pleut!

The sky had been growing ever darker in the west but no rain had started when I left work.
A few drops fell as I headed south, but thankfully nothing major.

At the corner of Staffor and Taylor, the wind suddenly came up -it almost blew me off the bike. Dirt and trash blew everywhere, including my sandals. As I was crossing Pembina, the rain started, turning the dirt in my shoes instantly into mud. I hurried into the Jubilee underpass to waited out the worst of the storm, but the wind drove the rain everywhere and there was very little dry space to be found.
After about 15 minutes, the wind had died down slightly, and I gave up the quesionable dryness of the underpass to continue home. I thought it was better to get wet from the rain than the splashing from any puddles which were increasing in size.
By the time I reached St Vital, the rain had slowed to 'steady' from 'deluge' but once you are wet, you are wet.
I went straight downstairs and threw all my clothes in the wash- thankfully I had a white load that needed attention- and the sandals and I went immediately into the shower. Their was an amazing amount of mud in those shoes -and on me. The white clothes are white again too!
If that is the worst that ever happens to me, I am doing well.

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