Thursday, 15 July 2010

I Love Loop Frames

I'm stopped at a red light, right foot on raised right pedal. The light changes and traffic starts to move. I push slightly with my left foot while pushing down with the right, lifting myself into the saddle. Suddenly the car in front of me swerves to the right and stops in my path. I twist the handlebars sharply to my right to avoid his bumper.
I am always amazed at how fast thoughts race through my mind. Urk! Uh oh. Going over!! (**anticipated pain**) Get your foot down....and then I am standing on both feet on the sidewalk. I drag Eselin up after me and breathe a sigh of relief. My left foot on the then raised left pedal has just followed the rest of me through the frame.
Having experienced similar events on a diamond frame, I know that had I been riding a similar bike this afternoon I would have fallen and, at best, had road rash. I'm so glad there will be no scrubbing of wounds with antiseptic today.

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