Wednesday, 28 July 2010


The Cherry Pine Pannier, my prize in Trisha & Dottie's Summer Games, has arrived. I'm thrilled!
It is a lovely brown colour (I was expecting something pinkish given the name) and it has a lovely scent, tho' I don't know if it is intentional. And much bigger than I was expecting.
Tomorrow I get to try it out!
And the Geek, who is on the quest for a new helmet, picked up these socks from Mountain Equipment Co-op. They are so cute. The ones with the daisy wheels are mine!
Some people laugh at my love of wool socks, even in the summer, but it has to be pretty warm before my feet stop being cold.
Fun, fun, fun.


Richard said...

Tell the Geek to try a Lazer helmet.

Carinthia said...

Would love to see how you like the pannier - looks great!