Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Cargo Bike Part 1

Today at a garage sale we found the last piece needed for the Geek's planned cargo bike. She found the other bike during Free Giveaway Weekend and the angle iron was rescued on garbage eve a few weeks ago.
The Geek had a wonderful day of tool therapy cutting things apart,
welding them back together,
and grinding off the rough spots.
She progressed to this point before supper, when she came in and checked her plans based loosely on this site.

And she is still playing outside now. It may well be finished by tomorrow.


sara dokinchan said...

I am totally in awe. That is so awesome you are building a cargo bike--I can barely figure out what type of bike to buy and you can make our own.
I just wanted to tell you how cool that is.

Ruzter said...

That's cool, we can have cargo bike races, or hauling competitions!
Ours is called Bique du Solie, what is yours called?