Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bicycles as Advertising Props

I'm sure you've seen them, advertisments with models, usually female, astride or leaning against bicycles. In the ones I've seen (and I don't watch TV or read magazines), the advertisers are promoting clothes, and sewing patterns.

Yesterday, while at the Children's Hospital Booksale, I saw this one in an adjacent shoe store.

I wonder if all this bicycle porn increase ridership, sell more bicycles, or do people simply not see them because the bikes they are simply very pretty props?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Pretty Bicycles

 I sropped off my bike at the shop yesterday for a recall; the front fork has some kind of flaw. I found out about it in November, but ...
 Anywhoo, pretty bicycles...

 ...and lovely bicycles.

I was planning on gettting Eselin back on the road now that things seem to be drying up and the salt isn't flying around, but the forecast is for more snow tomorrow. (~Sigh~)