Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Rarely am I away on my bike without carrying something. Be it my work stuff or gym stuff or school stuff, or sometimes a combination of the above, there is usually something on the rack or in my panniers. I have even taken a rhubarb plant to a co-worker, but this is the first time I have carried flowers..

I went at noon yesterday to the nearby greenhouse and picked up some marigolds to keep 'undesirables' away from my plants. I put the rather flimsy pot in a cardboard box so I could strap it to the rack, and pedalled home.
Sadly, the skies were cloudy and the forecast was for rain.

Eselin stands beside some puddles left over from the last rain while I untie the box. The flowers happily survived the ride home.And this is how the lane looked this morning after another 10mm of rain.I'm afraid it will be a damp summer, but I'll still have fun!


Velouria said...

That looks so nice - both the marigolds and the area where you live. It has been raining here too and my bikes are filthy!

Sox said...

Thank you. I very much like the area where I live-it is an older part of the city. I hope to plant the marigolds tonight; and cut the grass. Both things that have waited because of all the rain.