Friday, 25 June 2010

A Different Type Of Bike

I have ridden many types of bicycles in my life- Canadian bikes all- but I have never ridden an Icelandic bicycle. (I guess this means I have another entry for Dottie and Trisha's Summer Games!)We signed up for a tour of Reykjavik with Reykjavik Bike Tours and I was tickled to find that they also name their bikes.: good Icelandic names like Helga, Kristjan, Guðmunder, and Magnus.
Kristen and Sigriður are common names in my grandmother's family tree and Sigriður was my ride for our tour.
The guide, Stefan, was very knowledgable about the history of Iceland as well as the current political and financial situation and we heard many amusing stories.
There were only three of us on the tour, a very pleasant young man from Boston, and the Geek and I.
Despite the fact it was the one rainy evening on our visit, we had a very good time.
At the end of the ride, we adjourned to a nearby cafe for some wonderfully hot lobster soup. Fully warmed, we walked back to our guesthouse with a greater understanding of the city.

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