Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Fast, Red, Chopper

The paint has cured enough for the Geek to put together N2's chopper.

One of the original tires was white as was the seat; the handgrips were pink. The Geek, self-appointed Chief Constable of the Fashion Police, was not at all pleased with the colour combination. So, we went to Canadian Tire and bought a new tire and handgrips, and she recovered the seat with some black pleather from the sewing room. She couldn't do anything about the pedal colour as all the black pedals in her stash were adult pedals and they are threaded differently than childrens' pedals.

She felt the bike needed a head badge, so she added this goalie. N2 loves hockey.
The final handlebar adjustment will have to wait until he tries it for the first time.

Now that all the boys have 'new' bicycles, we shall have to see if Miss S is interested. I wonder if she would like a modified Penny-Farthing? I think that would be cool.


Anonymous said...

Would that Krylon plastic paint work on the pedals?

Sox said...

We wondered, but figured there would be too much wear for it to look nice very long.