Monday, 28 June 2010

Why Would I Drive?

We are well into construction season in Winnipeg. The Jubilee overpass has been closed for about six weeks now while they rehabilitate it (that makes it sounds like it committed a major crime). And sometime over the last week, they have reduced traffic on Jubilee itself to one lane in each direction.

Cars are backed up both ways because of equipment moving around, and, well, because of the lane closures. I just scoot by (illegally, on the sidewalk, but I am pretending it is the mixed-use path they are promising for later this year) while the cars crawl along. One of my co-workers said it took her 45 minutes to travel two blocks. I do not have the tolerance for that kind of nonsense, but it takes all kinds to make a world. And I repeat that, and other cautionary advice, to myself constantly.

This is my fourth attempt at a panoramic shot of the mayhem, and even it is not optimal. The wind kept jostling me so I figured this one would do.
And this is a view from the other side of the street.
This is supposed to last until sometime in September. I wonder if anyone will become a different type of commuter because of it? I can only hope.

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