Saturday, 25 July 2009

Garage Sales by Bike

We rode the bikes to garage sales today. Bikes are actually the preferred method of transportation for these outings as you can park really close and therefore cover more ground.

One of the three vices the Geek bought for her workshop came home clamped to the rack of the Giant. The handlebars on the Giant have been raised about three inches, which makes it better to ride, even tho' it is not as yet optimal.
We went to six garage sales and found a vice at three of them.

The Geek pulls the cart with the rest of the useful loot, including one instrument of mayhem.
The trick to riding your bike to garage sales is to park your bike close enough that no one helps themselves to your stuff, but far enough away that the bikes aren't considered a part of the offerings.
And one more funny sign. The Geek wants to make one that says Stop Smoking!

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