Monday, 29 March 2010

Should She Stay or Should She Go?

I took the Tempest mixte out for a longer test ride today. She needed very little to make her ready to go; just some air in the tires. Everything else is in pretty good shape.

It is interesting to ride with gears as Eselin is just a one speed donkey. The Geek didn't have to spend so much time coasting as we cruised down the Crescent.

The mixte is fast (relatively speaking) but it is a bit too small; the seat could stand to be raised by another inch, but there is no more post for that. A new post can be obtained.
The hand grips, ridged as they are, are also very hard on the hands and will also have to be changed if I keep her.

If I give her away, I want to keep the seat, perhaps for Rabbit. Is that selfish?
Either way, she is going to need a bath.


Carinthia said...

If she goes, will you get another bike with gears? I guess you can get away with one speed if you live in a pretty flat area. Seat posts are pretty cheap, as are grips. The main issue is whether the frame is right for your size and it sounds like it isn't :-(. She's a lovely looking vintage bike and I'm sure you can find her a good home without a problem.

Dottie said...

If she's really too small, you should probably let her go. That would not work for the long-run.

The seat is cool :)