Thursday, 10 December 2009

I Need a Different Hobby

We went to Re-Store tonight to pick up some lumber to modify a futon frame (anther story all together) and found, of all things, this mixte in the assortment of items they had for sale.

It is a Tempest and says in very small print that is is made in Canada. The brown metallic paint is in fairly good shape and there is very little rust in the fenders. I'll have to do some research into its history.

While I definitely do not need another bike, it is now in the garage with the rest of the posse.

This is getting a little out of hand. A stamp collection would be far easier to store.


Anonymous said...

Some people have these like, um, empty garages. I have even heard of some folks who store their cars in their garage. Somehow this looks much more... complex? :-)

Carinthia said...

So you couldn't resist it eh? It looks a nice bike - hope the research is interesting and you find out some good things about Tempest.

Garage? Cars? Um... garages were built for bikes...weren't they?

Sox said...

This car is definitely more of a stable than a garage. It's full of rabbits and donkeys....

Fiona said...

I can't believe you found a Mixte! I'd love one but I haven't seen any yet here in Edmonton