Saturday, 20 March 2010

Back on the 'Bat

The streets are pretty much dry now so I decided it was time to take Eselin out again. I told Rabbit I was taking Eselin because she needed exercise, but I don't think Rabbit bought that story, especially since Rabbit is now up near the rafters of the garage, probably until next winter.

I had forgotten how wonderful Eselin is to ride. Smooth. Quiet. Tall. And the new leather saddle I bought last fall is sooo much more comfortable than the Sella Royale saddle with which Eselin came equipped, and which I am now using on Rabbit. Rabbit was used primarily for short jaunts so it really didn't matter about the comfort of the saddle.
The Geek and I stopped on the bridge to check out the river levels, but didn't tarry long as the wind was strong and it was quite cold despite the sun.
It is good to be back on the Bat.


Lady Vélo said...

It looks like it's good to be back on "The Bat" too :)

Dottie said...

Lovely! Too bad I know the terrible weather that awaits you. Hopefully it will be sunny and dry for you again soon.