Friday, 12 March 2010

Murky, Moody, March

We are having a very atypical March. Rain, fog and early melting, causing puddles in the streets that turn into ugly, muddy tsunamis when vehicles drive through them.
It isn't much better in the afternoon, when I park my bike and take the bus to the University.
We now have plenty of water on top of the river ice.
And I hope global warming never progresses to the point where this is a possibility.

I crave our normal sunny days.


gord said...

I have long thought that it would be helpful if Transit provided proper bike parking along Pembina. Specifically, I'd like to see it at Point Road/Windermere and at Stafford. Would that be useful for you too? What sort of lockup do you use now? I wonder if the bike lockers at Confusion Corner are well-used?

Sox said...

I lock up on a rack outside the beer store. So far, it has been ok.
I haven't looked at the bike lockers at Confusion Corner since last year, but I haven't seen any signs that people are using them. I shall have a closer look next time I transfer there.

Dottie said...

I hope the sun comes out soon for you! The water on top of ice shot is a bit dreary, but that should help it melt :)