Wednesday, 17 March 2010

'Pop' Goes the River

After what seemed an extraordinarily long spell of cloud, it is wonderful to see the sun.

The Red River is starting to crack and break up, weeks ahead of normal.
Huge chunks and sheets of ice are making their way north to Lake Manitoba.
Rabbit stands on high alert, ready to flee should the ice suddenly break free of the river and climb the bank.
I am posting the pictures in a smaller size so hopefully they can be enlarged by clicking upon them. Blogger has been a little tempermental of late and won't always enlarge my photographs.


Lady Vélo said...

Clicking does indeed make them larger :) Nice photo's - always nice to see how Spring appears across the globe.

Sox said...

I like seeing other peoples' neighbourhoods too. This year I am not so jealous of their much earlier thaws-if they were even frozen at all.