Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Museum Find

I have lived in St. Vital for about five years and I hadn't found out much about this part of the world.
This weekend we went on a couple of Jane's Walks and learned alot about St Vital as well as other parts of the city.
The St Vital Walk started and ended at the St Vital Museum.
The museum is maintained by the St Vital Historical Society and they are a very enthusiastic group.
They have a great collection of memorabilia from the neighbourhood.

A display of old cameras.
Woodworking tools.

Old bicycle license plates.The last St Vital fire truck.

And a very cool bike with nice lines.

A Wards Hawthorne, pre-World War II, tho' I may well be wrong about the exact time.
I was told this was the paper carriers bicycle.
This Hawthorne is not as tough looking as some of the other models but is very pleasing to the eye nontheless.

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