Tuesday, 18 May 2010

No Jacket Required

This morning was lovely and warm and I left home, for the first time this year, without a jacket.
I went out at lunch to run some errands and a lovely girl on a very pretty white cruiser with apple-green fenders stopped at the light. I complimented her on her bicycle (she seemed very surprised). I then remembered that Trisha and Dottie's Summer Games have started, but between the bicycle lock and keys in my hands, I couldn't get my camera out in time, so no shot of that gorgeous machine.
I was a little more alert on the way home.
This fellow is one of the few people I have seen riding in regular clothes. We chatted about the weather, as Winnipeggers do, before the light changed and he zoomed off.

I love summer! Especially when it arrives in May.


the geek said...

Umm... you think of a bright orange vest with a yellow cross as "normal clothes"? Winnipeg must be a stranger place than I thought...

Sox said...

well, I meant the part under the vest. Usually people wear spandex.

Dottie said...

Lovely springy photo up top. Yay for bare arms! :)

I'm not fast enough to get a pic of anyone at a stop light, either. A story is good.

Thanks for playing!

miss sarah said...

My friend Emma in Bath, UK often wears one of those reflective vests. She says it's bananas over there. Nobody is looking.

Maybe somebody can design something more... tailored. However, it would likely lose it's one size fits all vibe.

Sox said...

I know what you mean, MIss Sarah. When I was in London many years ago, you took your life in your hands crossing the street. Either no one saw you, or they would rather risk a dent in their bonnet than wear on their brakes.