Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Pretty but Reckless

The young woman on the pretty bike I mentioned yesterday rode by again today. She was waiting again at the lights where I saw her yesterday.
And at the end of the day, I saw her again. I was about to cross this same intersection to where Eselin was locked to a post but had stopped when the light turned red. She came zipping up on the sidewalk behind me and darted through the red light, making dismissive gestures to those motorists who honked. I would have thought that even if she was gave little consideration to the integrity of her own skin, she would not want to scratch the paint on her bike.
(~sigh~) Cyclists like that give us all a bad name.


Gord said...

Plus, it's even Road Safety Week. :( Yup, we can be our own worst enemies. She shouldn't be on the sidewalk, and there is no excuse for riding through a red light (unless it is sensor actuated and it doesn't recognise your bike, in which case I would consider it to be malfunctioning so it can be treated as a stop sign).

Richard said...

... and no helmet. That says a lot right there.

Dottie said...

Richard, I don't think no helmet says anything at all. And I DO wear a helmet, but no need to be dismissive.

Sox, yes, unfortunately there are a lot of reckless cyclists out there. They make me nervous.

Anonymous said...

That kind of stuff drives me nuts... like the people who squeeze between cars stopped at a light just so they can scoot through while the cars wait for the green.

Then, when they ride out in front of a car and get hit, the driver of the car is stuck with the guilt of that for the rest of their lives. 8(