Sunday, 30 May 2010

Breakfast with Friends

We planned to meet friends for breakfast at Stella's on Sherbrook. With all the rain we had yesterday, we had water in the basement, twice, and the Jublilee underpass was closed last night. Since that is the most direct route, and we didn't want to drive the long way around, we took the bikes down Jubilee and rode on the sidewalk through that underpass (which now had very little water).

The Geek stopped and pulled a fallen tree branch off the path and we continued on our way.
We dressed for the fickle weather; the Geek wore her sunshine yellow boots and I was in my 'great pumpkin' cape. I bought the rain cape in Holland last year, and while I have worn it many times since, this was its maiden voyage on the bike. It was less windy today so I thought I would try it. Even if there had been as much water on the roads today as Friday, my seat (or rather both seats) would have stayed dry.The Geek practices her trackstands at stoplights, while I coast up slowly and try to gauge when the light will change.We had a lovely breakfast at Stella's and they were very busy; perhaps it is always that way on a Sunday morning.

I hope the weather changes soon. It is much nicer for Summer Games when it is warm.


Gord said...

Re LGRAB Summer Games, "Leave a nice note on a bike". Reminds me of the bike I saw last month at the bus stop at Pembina and Stafford with the note that said "Dont steal me please". Did you see it? I wonder what that was about.

Sox said...

No, I didn't see that bike; perhaps I went by at a different time that day. Perhaps they were appealing to a crooks better side?

margonaute said...

I LOVE the rain cape! I want one! It looks so much nicer than your average poncho-- less clammy and plasticy. Is that true? I think it's really cute!

Sox said...

Thank you. It is not clammy at all when you are riding but I tend to 'microwave' in just about anything when I stop moving, so I did get warm then.
It is this cape
I have no idea if they have retailers in North America.