Friday, 30 April 2010

Active Transportation-South End Version

Yesterday Winnipeg's Active Transportation Committe took themselves to the southern part of the city for a meeting at a church on Ste. Anne's Rd.
I'm not sure if it was the 'remote' location or the wet weather - we haven't had rain for so long we don't know what to do when it happens-but it was poorly attended. The number of presenters probably outnumbered the attendees.
I was glad to see that the sidewalk along Dunkirk is going to become a mixed-use pathway. Dunkirk has sharrows, but the speed limit is so high on that stretch of road that I don't ride there; I go down St Mary's instead.

We were driving as I had a number of far flung errands to run at lunch time but this is the only bike we saw at the event.

However, as Altona is over 100 kilometers from Winnipeg, I am very impressed!.


Richard said...

I'm glad we don't have bike plates here.

Dottie said...

Sorry to hear that more people did not attend. That means your voice will make more of an impact, though. Yay for regular bike riding people!

Carinthia said...

Bike plates! Yikes!! I'm glad we don't have those in Oz either. A shame there weren't more people there for you, but thumbs up to the mixed-use pathway. We have a couple of those near me and they work very well. Pedestrians have their wits about them as they realise bikes share the path so accidents are pretty minimal.