Thursday, 8 April 2010

Active Transportation

The city of Winnipeg held an open house to discuss the Jubilee/Hay section of the Active Transportation initiative.
I found it peculiar that there would be no bicycle parking at a session for Active Transportation, but found the racks inside, of all places. I guess they take secure parking seriously. What a refreshing change!

Despite my pictures showing almost empty rooms, there was a very good turn out.

Perhaps everyone, at this moment, is over looking at the Rapid Transit displays rather than those for bicycle routes.

The committee is always receptive to comments and suggestions from the neighbouring communities.
The Jubilee/Hay section is of particular interest to me as it is part of my work commute. I hope the Jubilee Underpass choke-point problem can be solved; it is due to be studied next year. Until then, I will continue to ride that stretch on the sidewalk.


Richard said...

I figured the "peg" would be way ahead on something like this. They can't let Vancouver have all the fun. :)

Sox said...

I wish we were further ahead. I think the old thinking was stuck on the snowy part of 'Winterpeg' and the 'why build something we can only use for part of the year' thinking kicked in.
We're moving along now! (as long as that means we don't get Vancouver's weather now).