Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Secure Parking

Often if the Geek and I go somewhere together and we can't find a bike rack or a convenient post, we will simply lock the bikes together. With Eselin's rear wheel locked, and the two bikes cabled together, it would take a very strong and determined person to make off with them.


Anonymous said...

I just love that bike:)


Sox said...

I tried both a Pashley and the Batavus and in some small, subtle, unexplainable way, I prefered the Bat.

Anonymous said...

I heard a horrid rumour that they weren't going to selling those Bats in that style here anymore..I have to see if that is true or not when I hit up Red Bike.

I Love the looks of the Pash, the Oma and the Bat but of course I can't have all three according to my husband at least but I'm on the lead for a vintage loop frame raleigh so 3 bikes may be my max:)

I look forward to seeing more photos of your Bat though


Anonymous said...

I like the lines of that bike, very classy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment!

If I was strong, determined and the type of person who would steal - I would definitely take your bikes, they are beautiful! (and I mean that completely as a compliment).

Yes as it is coming into winter I don't think I have too much sweating to worry about, and hopefully by the time our stinking summer comes along I will have a decent level of fitness so it won't be a problem!