Saturday, 23 May 2009

Red Bike is Cool

We are in Bon Accord visiting friends, Ruzter and K, who were kind enough to take us to Edmonton to do some shopping on Thursday. Ikea is always a destination of choice when there is one nearby.

I also wanted to visit Red Bike and United Cycle since they were mention by Sarah, of Girls and Bicycles fame. United Cycle was interesting, but I really liked Red Bike. For one thing, I prefer small independent stores and this one was near a residential neighbourhood, not a commercial strip. The gentleman I spoke to was very patient and tho' I think he knew I wasn't ready to buy anything, he was happy to send me off to test drive a Pashley and a Batavus.

Since I never change gears now on my 21-speed bike, the single-speed Batavus was the one I would have bought, tho' the Pashley was lovely too.

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