Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I am Invisible

The internal combustion engine and a cellular telephone, when being operated by the same person, create some incredible special effects, like a cone of invisibility around the average cyclist.
This is particularly well demonstrated when a motorist is backing their vehicle out of their driveway as a cyclist goes by. The unwary cyclist is in grave danger of being crushed by the offending contraption unless they swerve wildly across the road to avoid a collision. The same effect is evidenced as a cyclist crosses an intersection as a car approaches a stop sign. Since the cyclist is invisible, the motorist does not feel compelled to stop, given that all too frequently drivers feel stop signs are suggestions, rather than directives.
I frequently wish I had a way to deal with automobiles that pass me so closely I can check my teeth in their mirrors. Nothing permanent or that causes lasting harm, of course, just a bit of inconvenience. I'll have to see what comes to mind.

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