Sunday, 3 May 2009

Another Blue First-Bike

The Brainy Geek found this little bicycle someone had discarded. My youngest nephew (N3) does not have a bike, so the Geek painted it blue. And, since he is too young to know how to pedal, she removed the crank to make it a push-bike. The rims were left magenta, the bike's original colour, to give it some pizazz.With two full-sized wheels, N3 could not touch the ground, so the Geek made the first modification.
It was still too big so she replaced the front wheel as well.
Now that N3 can touch the ground, it won't be long before he is zooming around!

1 comment:

Chiara&Kael said...

Kael would totally do the same thing.. somewhere there would be a shopping cart missing two back wheels..

Keep up the posts..