Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A Vintage Raleigh Mixte

This well preserved bicycle belongs to Cait, a lovely young nurse who works in the clinic on the main floor of my office building. She bought it at a second hand shop in Ottawa and appears to enjoy it immensely.

I meant to cover the saddle for her when I arrived at work today as it was starting to drizzle, but I have the attention span of an elderly gnat, and totally forgot by the time I had locked up Eselin and crossed the street. I hope it isn't damaged.

I am used to our fall being clear and crisp, not damp and murky.

Luckily only my jacket and helmet were wet and I wasn't soaked after my ride, unlike poor Dottie.


Carinthia said...

That's a very cool mixte! Lovely clean lines. I hope the saddle was OK after the rain. There's something about mixtes - nicer than a women's bike with straight bars, they have a charm of their own. They are a different animal to a loop frame... in fact different to most bikes, and very stable to ride. This one is a real sweetie!

Dottie said...

Looks like you discovered the usefulness of actually zipping up your raincoat. I'll try to remember that next time ;)

That vintage Raleigh is sweet. I thought it was a Peugeot until I clicked on the enlarged picture.