Monday, 4 October 2010

A Matter of Perception

A few weeks ago, as an assignment for school, I had to spend a day in a wheelchair.
I considered taking Eselin to school and leaving her overnight in the lockup, but I was worried something would happen to her. So she stayed home and I took the bus.
Funny thing is, I had a wretched cold a few days later and I was ready to leave Eselin behind so I didn't have to spend valuable energy riding back to the house.
Amazing when I think she would be safe, and when I don't.


Traci said...

Hi! Recently came across your blog and am adding to my list!

Your account of spending a day in a wheelchair was very interesting. You stated that it was for a school assignment - just out of curiosity, what are you studying?

I work at a university in a center that does research and training in the area of accessibility for individuals with disabilities, among other things. One of the courses I teach is a one day course on Aging in Place and Livable Communities and we do an activity where we just walk around areas near campus to see exactly what the issues might be for someone with limited mobility or using a wheelchair. It's astounding to realize how much of a community is really inaccessible, or very difficult for those using wheelchairs, even since the ADA was passed so many years ago (I'm in the U.S.).

Sox said...

I am studying Occupational Therapy. That day in the wheelchair, and other disability awareness inservices, have made me appreciate how much disabled people have tolerate and make me very glad I am not one of them.

Traci said...

That's what I would have guessed :) I'm an Occupational Therapist, however currently work as a research scientist at a university. I still work occasionally at a rehab hospital since I don't want to be completely out of the clinical arena.