Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bikes at the Dump

The Geek took a load of old fence to the dump and saw that the collection cage for the Bike Dump was almost full.

It is so nice to see that people aren't just throwing out useful items anymore. Well, bikes anyway. There is still much waste to be seen in the dump proper. No wonder the administration doesn't want you taking pictures.


Anonymous said...

Cool! are you allowed to buy or claim a bike from the bike cage? There could be some fun ones in there to spruce up as a project.

Sox said...

Apparently my link for the BikeDump ( didn't take but it is linked now. Anyone can go to the bike dump (the shop, not the one at the landfill) to see what they have.
We've stopped by and a busy place it was. I'm not sure what their winter hours are.

Anonymous said...

Peach and Thanks! I'm going to take a peek now and then.