Monday, 23 August 2010

Windy Errands

I had to go to the University today to finalize a few things. Tho' it was rather windy, most of my ride was sheltered, especially under the St Vital Bridge.
I can't say the same about riding over it, but luckily I wasn't tossed around for long.

West of the bridge, you have a few options. The panoramic view on my camera makes it look a little strange, but this path actually goes straight.

Glengarry Park, adjacent to the UofM Fort Garry campus, is a study in 1950s architechture.

Even tho' classes haven't started, there are plenty of people here already.
I like the older, classic buildings on campus ,

much more than the newer ones.

The ride to the Fort Garry campus takes just as long as riding to the Bannatyne campus, but is infinitely more pleasant. Too bad I don't have a choice.


gord said...

Even though I grew up there, I never heard this area called Glengarry Park. It was generally known as University Heights, though we rarely referred to it by that name (or any other). Our house, very near the one in your picture, was built in 1963.

Sox said...

If you say it is University Heights, than you are undoubtedly correct. I was given the name Glengarry Park by a fellow out-of-towner. Thank you for the correction.
It seems like a great area to live.