Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Safe Parking

I asked the Geek the other day how I would go about getting a spot in the Health Sciences Centre bike lock-up where she keeps her bike. She advised me that her lock-up is for HSC employees only but she was sure that the University had its own compound. She was right.
Here is the email she sent me,

"University of Manitoba Bannatyne bike compound
The university of Manitoba has a fenced in bike compound just west of the Dentistry building. Access to the compound can be added to the ID card of U of M students or employees. See the Mail Room at S013 Medical Services Building to set up access. Contact the Mail Room at 789-3583 for more info."

I'll be heading over there tomorrow!


Richard said...

I put my bike in my office closet when I ride it to work. ... I have a very big closet.

Sox said...

At them moment I can see my bike where I've locked it but I won't have that option in a few weeks. I'm glad I have this option.

Dottie said...

A bike compound - sounds very serious! I'll be interested to hear how secure it seemed to you.