Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It Doesn't Feel Like Fall

It was a cool ride to work this morning but I knew I wouldn't need my sweater later. And since it was such a lovely afternoon, I dawdled all the way home attempting to capture myself on camera.

Here I have a lovely shot of my bell and my wrist and the river, oh, and kind of my shadow along the rail.
My camera bag. I am trying to find something small and cute, but that means I would have to go shopping, or sew something, and the weather is too nice to be inside. (I blog while I am cooking supper.) A winter project to be sure.

A slightly better shadow panda.

Wow, does it ever look like I am going fast; the ground is a blur!

According to the forecast, we should still have a few more above normal days. Hooray!


Dottie said...

Lovely pictures! Glimpses of cycle chicness. I should be outside more, too. As much as possible. Winters where I live are so looong. Although it's still pretty warm out, the skies are overcast and I have a bit of a cold. Boo. Supposed to be partly sunny tomorrow, although the forecast is often wrong.

Filigree said...

Bike shadow! I am accumulating a collection of these photos from all the cycling I do in the late afternoon (the time of the best shadows).