Saturday, 5 September 2009

Went to a Garden Party

The Geek and I went down the street tonight to the 60th birthday party of our friend, Dr. S. Since it was a Garden Party theme, casual elegant (whatever that means) and hats and gloves were required; we dressed accordingly. I found it challenging to ride in my picture hat, and one hand held it on my head the whole way.
As we were running late, no pictures were taken of the ride to the event; for this I am truly sorry because the Geek, riding a recumbent bike in a black ensemble with purple opera gloves and a propellor enhanced beanie, was something to see.

She took these pictures of me on the way back. My gloves, by this time, were long abandoned in my pocketbook.

I was happy to see how well Eselin shows up in the dark. When I bought her in May, we were already well into our long summer days and the sun was going down long after I did. I had no reason to use the headlight or taillight. Tonight was the first time.

I was also unaware of the highly reflective strips on the tires.

We had a lovely evening, arriving home well after midnight. This is definitely not normal for a group of morning rowers.

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Dottie said...

You look great - I love the hat and black dress! The reflective tires are so helpful.