Monday, 15 September 2014

The Adler

 A few weeks ago the Geek and I went on a fruitless mission to the MCC to find a blender.  We found this bike instead.
It is made by the German company, Adler, and at best estimate, is from the 1940's. It contains all original parts except the handgrips (which I will be replacing as they are a rather soft foam and do not absorb shocks at all) and the tires. We have since replaced the skirtguard as it was rather ragged and not up to the task.
I will let you read/translate this link for more information and simply leave you with the eye-candy.


e-bikes said...

I have read your post & it was really amazing!

Sox said...

Thank you, it is a lovely bike.

foldable helmet said...

Love this blog!