Sunday, 26 May 2013

Moulded Seat Covers

**Note: I've been trying to get blogger to let me rearrange the photos in order for months and it just won't let me. Grrrrrr. So I am just going to number them so I can finally publish this post.

The only real drawback to leather bicycle seats is their intolerance to prelonged exposure to water. I've been using the ultra-classy plastic bag cover, and the Geek frequently forgets to cover hers at all.

In October we decided to change that by going to AssentWorks and using the VacuuFormer (I think that it was called) to make moulded seat covers. The Geek has a membership at AW and has made all sorts of clever things, but this was the first time I've spent any length of time there.

The covers are made of styrene which heats and moulds well.
1. Measure


3. Frame.
4. place seat in vacuu-former

7. removed from frame.

6. Seat after plastic has been heated
8. Styrene roughly trimmed.

10. marking the trimming line.

12. sanding the rough edges.

9. using the heatgun for a tighter fit.

11. trimming off the excess.

14. finished covers

13. the fit.

more fit

Frame with Styrene
Frame with styrene.
5. Seat inside the vacuuformer

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