Monday, 28 January 2013

One Million Kilometers

photo Winnipeg Free Press
 Lindsay Gault is a Winnipeg Cycling icon. Before he owned Olympia Cycle and Ski he was a highly competitive athlete. After he sold Olympia and became a bike courier, he remained a highly competitive athlete. He almost killed himself in one race but he is still planning to do the same race again.

I used to take my bike to Olympia for repairs before I aquired the tools to do fix it myself, or started hanging out with the Geek, who loves to fix things. Lindsay is a lovely man with a great deal of unobtrusive advice.

He is completing is one millionth kilometer in the Arrowhead 135 bike race. A celebration will  occur on February 2 (when he returns home?) at 1130 at the Forks in Winnipeg. If I am in town, I plan to be part of the throng, but on foot; Eselin will be staying home-she doesn't go out in the salt, and my winter bike has a front-fork recall that has not been repaired.

And for anyone who is planning to visit Winnipeg, Lindsay and his wife Lynne run a Bed-and-Breakfast, Galbriath House, in a beautiful, central part of town. I am sure you will have the skinny on all things Winnipeg should you stay there.


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