Sunday, 8 November 2009

An Old-Time Child Seat

My old brown bike is back on the farm again. The Geek gave it a tune-up and now hopefully my mom will use it from time to time.

I felt the need to take pictures of the old child seat that was installed on the bike when I bought it.
It meets all the local legal requirements for a child seat, such as a seat belt, a supportive back rest, foot rests and a guard to keep little toes out of the spokes, but I wonder if anyone would use it?
And best of all, it folds down compactly when not in use.

All it needs is a little polish and it would be good to go.

As it is, the Geek plans to make a box to rest on top so my mom can carry things back and forth to the garden.


Carinthia said...

I love the child seat - can't imagine today's fussy kids using it though!

Sox said...

I suspect the kids wouldn't care but there may be quite a few parents who would.

Adrienne Johnson said...

I would use it!!!!! I looked for an old seat like this and couldn't find one.

Sox said...

Ah, yes, but you aren't all caught up in the modern 'safety' hype that says it has to be plastic and padded to be good!

Dottie said...

That's really cool looking!