Monday, 10 August 2009

One Day on My Stay-cation

I have been thoroughly enjoying my time away from work. Eselin and I did some errants today that got us out on one of the warmest days we've had yet this summer.

This morning we went to water the flowers for some friends who are visiting family in Europe.

Then this afternoon, I went to mail a package to our Dutch friends but found the closest post office to our house had been closed. So I continued down St. Anne's Road to Sobeys, the next available outlet.

After I mailed the letter I travelled for the first time in about three years down the Bishop Grandin Greenway to Dakota so I could connect with St. Mary's Road. I was pleasantly surprised to find a community garden as well as

some art work along this section of the trail. I may have to ride the whole length to see what else is new.
After a few more errands along St Mary's, I stopped by the BDI where Eselin chatted with some cruisers while I picked up my ice cream.
I then enjoyed a leisurely ride home admiring the pretty gardens.

I love summer.

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